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Delenar TD

Each of our 24 levels consists of obstacles, tiles, and mobs! The variability of each level lends itself towards strategically placing each tower carefully, this becomes more important as the game becomes more difficult.

Compete in our daily challenge and see how you match up against other users on a daily basis. Or one up everyone and declare victory over all other users by getting the highest score on a level.

- 24 Unique Levels
- 8 Unique Towers
- 5 Tower upgrades
- 9 Unique Mobs
- 2 Damage Shields
- 4 Pathing Tiles
- Daily Challenges
- Online Highscores


After 15,000 downloads we will be adding the following content patch:
- 24 more levels
- 3 new and unique mobs
- 2 new and unique towers
- 1 damage shield
- Endless mode for all levels
- Multiple spawn points per level

Ever want to know what your Reaction time is? Or are your reflexes better than someone elses? This app is a set of mini games that can accomplish just that. There are different mini games that test your reaction times under several different circumstances. Reaction also offers online leaderboards should you choose to share your times. To insure the most accurate Reaction time we have made it impossible to predict any of the mini games, as well averaging times together to insure outliers are accounted for.
A fun application with over 150 fortunes to keep you entertained. This app not only has what we all know as typical fortunes, but it also has silly bad fortunes.
Bubble Frenzy
Pop bubbles till your heart is content! This is a great game to let out your inner child! Or if you have children it is great for killing time in the car and promoting hand-eye coordination. Real bubbles are messy and time consuming, but BubbleFrenzy is clean and fast just wipe off your screen! 3 mini games all designed for maximum popping potential. Highscores list for keeping track of your best bubble popping experiences. Awesome bubble popping sound! When we receive 1500 downloads we will add an online highscores list, as well as more mini games.